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Investment guarantees in Belarus

Belarus has established a robust legal framework to protect foreign investor’s interests.

The Investment Code

Belarus’ Investment Code, updated in 2008, provides a transparent legal framework for investors in Belarus and provides guarantees for investors including:

  • foreign ownership of property
  • full equality of rights to foreign investors
  • protection against discrimination about types of ownership
  • freedom to repatriate profits outside of Belarus

The Code also gives investors’ legal right to appeal against any actions by the state which violates the investors’ rights or inflicts losses upon them.

International protection for investors

Belarus is a fully fledged member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation which is the umbrella for 17 multilateral international treaties protecting firms’ intellectual property rights. This includes all inventions, patents, trademarks, research and production materials.

Copyright laws cover the creative industries and similar legislation protects music and performances.

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Visiting Belarus without a visa: 5 days for citizens of 80 countries
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