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Monument to Child Victims of War in the village of Krasny Bereg

On International Children's Day the unique memorial in Belarus, the only one in the world dedicated to child victims of WWII, traditionally hosted a meeting to commemorate the memory of tens of thousands of lives lost in Nazi concentration camps. …During the Great Patriotic War the Nazis created a brutal "blood donor conveyor" in the village of Krasny Bereg near Belarusian Zhlobin. In the most barbaric way the Nazis took the blood from innocent children for Wehrmacht soldiers. The Nazis hang young victims and squeezed their chests, did special injections to make sure the blood did not clot, cut the skin on the soles of the feet. The life slipped away from the breathless bodies in a matter of hours...  Over 35,000 Belarusian children were among prisoners of the Nazi camps. There were 14 sites inside the country where children were kept for medical purposes. In the 21st century the memorial telling about this great tragedy was erected in the village of Krasny Bereg where 1,990 people were murdered. The memorial was designed by a group of architects led by Leonid Levin. Video

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