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30 May 2014

Belarus Events Calendar: June 2014

Bolshoi Theater Nights at the Radziwills’ CastleBolshoi Theater Nights at the Radziwills’ Castle

Exhibition Ten Centuries of Belarusian Art

Exhibition Ten Centuries of Belarusian ArtFor the first time ever the country’s primary art museum will host an exhibition of the best examples of Belarusian art over the course of ten centuries — from the Byzantine Empire to the modern time. The exposition will feature unique works by Belarusian artists with international recognition, whose works have been returned to the motherland just recently. Visitors will be able to see pictures by Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, and the famous picture Tomasz Zan’s Portrait by Walenty Wankowicz, the book Baton of Power (1667) by Symeon of Polotsk…

When: 27 March – 10 July
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Avant-gARTe exhibition in Minsk

Avant-gARTe exhibition in MinskThe majestic modern Belarusian art exhibition Avant-gARTe opened in Minsk in anticipation of the 2014 IIHF WC. For the first time the unique project has brought together works by famous avant-gardists of the 1910-1990s and the best works by modern authors. Visitors are invited to appreciate works by Marc Chagall, Aleksanteri Ahola-Valo, Nadia Khodossievitch Leger, Fernand Leger, Lyudmila Rusova… The organizers have divided the large-scale project Avant-gARTe into three expositions instead of one venue:

  • Avant-gARTe. From the Square to the Object (exhibition center BelExpo at 14 Pobeditelei Avenue);
  • Hundred years of the  Belarusian Avant-Garde (Modern Art Museum at 47 Nezavisimosti Avenue);
  • The Artist and the City. (Yakub Kolas Square).

It is not the first time that the creative project The Artist and the City has been arranged in Minsk in the open air. In the past the venue has been used to exhibit works by world-famous painters of the 20th century Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich. This time the open air exhibition features 32 most interesting works by Belarusian graphic artists and painters.

When: 21 April–10 June
Where: Minsk
More details

Holography 2014 Exhibition

Holography ExhibitionThis unique exhibition of artistic holograms features 3-D images of Belarus’ halidoms, including the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Zhirovichi Icon of the Mother of God, as well as holograms of the ancient Eastern Orthodox halidom that has recently been brought to Minsk – the Gifts of the Magi. Besides, visitors will be able to see the smallest details of historical and architectural monuments of Belarus in the “Belarusian Treasures” section.

When: 25 April-6 July
Where: National History Museum, Minsk
More details

Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers in Minsk

Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers The legendary Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers in Minsk will present a captivating show Emotions… that comprises 12 numbers of various genres united by their color and influence on emotions. The program will feature a clown trio Group A, equestrian acrobats, acrobats on trampolines, a group of balance masters Four Graces, an equestrian show Ellada, gymnasts on pull-up bars, an aerial trapeze Furies. The show Among Predators by People’s Artists of Russia the Zapashnys Brothers will be the key part of the show: viewers will be able to see dangerous and captivating tricks performed by white tigers and Siberian tigers, African lions, and a unique trick by Edgard Zapashny in equestrian show Ellada, which entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2011.

When: 7 May – 27 July
Where: Minsk, The Belarusian State Circus

Back in BSSR Exhibition

Back in BSSR ExhibitionThose who are curious see how things were in the times of the BSSR will certain appreciate the new exhibition at the Minsk History Museum. The exposition features posters of the 1940s-1980s, household items, machines, and works of art dating back to the times of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. There is a section dedicated to representatives of the youth subcultures, like Stilyagi, hippy and the beat generation. Visitors will also see clothing, photos, books, underground press and records. The museum has also prepared themed concerts, retro-parties and presentations.

When: 8 May – 14 September
Where: Minsk History Museum, Minsk
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International Eventing Competition in Ratomka

International Eventing Competition in RatomkaThe national equestrian sports and horse breeding center in Ratomka will host an international equestrian competition (one, two, and three stars) that will be a qualifications stage for Europe 2015 and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014. A record number of participants will take part in the event this year. Athletes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and France sent their applications. Two disciplines – dressage and cross-country – will be held on the first two days of the event. The show jumping event will be conducted on the last day of the tournament. The concluding day is going to be the most exciting for both participants and spectators. Apart from the final stage and the award ceremony, the program of the tournament features an equestrian show, a contest of ladies’ hats, horse riding and many other entertainments for adults and children.

When: 29 May – 1 June
Where: National equestrian sports and horse breeding center in Ratomka, Minsk District

Braslav Lightning 2014 Festival

Braslav Lightning FestivalThe international festival of traditional culture Braslav Lightning 2014 brings together established and fledgling artists from Belarus and the neighboring states. Visitors to the festival will be able to hear authentic Belarusian songs, learn about local customs and traditions, arts and crafts and cuisine. This year the program of the festival features a contest of choirs, concerts, exhibitions, performances by street theaters, a procession of history re-enactment clubs, a show of Medieval costumes, knights’ tournaments and many other entertainment events.

When: 30 May – 1 June
Where: Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

FIG World Cup Event in Minsk

FIG World Cup Event in MinskMinsk will host the sixth edition of the Rhythmic Gymnastics BSB Bank World Cup Series Cat. B and the international junior competition Chrystal Rose Cup. About 150 athletes from 27 countries worldwide will come to Belarus for this FIG World Cup event. They will include the world’s best gymnasts and teams and the most promising young hopefuls. The final is scheduled for 1 June. The closing day of the event will be crowned by a gala show of the world RG stars that will start at 19:00.

When: 30 May – 1 June
Where: Palace of Sport, Minsk

Prestigio EEDC (Eastern European Drift Championship) Burn Drift Minsk

Prestigio EEDC (Eastern European Drift Championship) Burn Drift MinskCompeting in this spectacular event will be the strongest drift racers from Minsk and also Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. The pilots will compete to advance to Top 32 and to the final. Motorsport fans who will purchase tickets (standard, premium or drift-taxi) will be able to not only watch the race in the stands but also visit the service yard and take a ride as a passenger in a true drift car.

When: 1 June
Where: Minsk 1 Airport

Green Yuletide Festival in Mogilev

Green Yuletide Festival in MogilevParticipants of the original festival dedicated to the Whitsunday will be able to take part in the traditional Holy Trinity rites and listen to spring folk songs, learn Belarusian dances and ancient Slavic games. In addition, the festival will bring together the artisans who will conduct master classes in felting of boots and hats, straw weaving, pottery, sash weaving, embroidery, and knitting. The visitors will be even taught to make medicinal dolls from herbs. And of course, the traditional festival will offer tasty Belarusian cuisine. The festival will conclude with a great concert, where the audience will hear the Holy Trinity and Ivan Kupala songs performed by well known music groups.

When: 1 June
Where: Sputnik neighborhood, Mogilev ethnographic crafts center in Green Grove, Mogilev

23rd National Festival Fashion Mill 2014

23rd National Festival Fashion MillOne of the key events in the country’s fashion industry will gather the best Belarusian designers and international fashion and design experts, bloggers and journalists from different countries. The finalists of the competition in the nominations Fashion School and Fashion Master will display 70 collections. Leading fashion specialists, photographers and stylists will share their skills and secrets with the participants and guests of the forum. The gala show will feature the works of fledgling Belarusian designers and fashion designers from London, Helsinki, Moscow, Kyiv, Krakow, Riga and Baku.

When and where:
3 June –National Center of Children and Youth’s Artistic Creativity (master-classes), Minsk
4 June – Palace of Sport (fashion show), Minsk

Diana Arbenina and Night Snipers

Diana ArbeninaThe famous Russian rock group Night Snipers has released over 200 songs since it was established 20 years ago. The band is led by Belarus-born singer-songwriter Diana Arbenina. The musicians will present their new program – Unplugged. Fans will hear popular songs of the band performed in a different way. According to the singer, she wants to show that good music can work wonders and that rock'n'roll sounds good not only in clubs, big arenas and stadiums.

When: 6 June
Where: Minsk Concert Hall

Festival of National Cultures in Grodno

Festival of National Cultures in GrodnoThe tenth edition of the Festival of National Cultures in Grodno that was declared Belarus Capital of Culture 2014 will bring together about 900 performers and over 40 national communities. This year the forum will start at a sunset and will be held in an unusual night format. The historical center of Grodno will become a center stage of a plein air of painters, an international plein air of blacksmiths, a photo exhibition about the city’s history, a theatrical procession of diasporas, a concert, a sports competition and a presentation of national booths. The Alley of Friendship will be planted and a memorial sign on the site of the famous Church of Vitaut will be laid. The pipe organ will play in Belarus’ only Lutheran Church for the first time.

When: 6-8 June
Where: Grodno
More details

Ruzhanskaya Brama Festival

Ruzhanskaya Brama FestivalBuffs of history, architecture and old entertainment are welcome to attend the festival in Ruzhany, the “Belarusian Versailles" once owned by the influential Sapieha dynasty. Here you can get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum and learn about the history of manors and small towns that at various times were owned by the noble families of Belarus. The visitors to the festival will be offered discovery tours, theatrical performances, concerts, games, a craft fair, a fire show and colorful fireworks.

When: 7 June
Where: Ruzhany Castle, town of Ruzhany

Street Music and Sport Festival Minsk Street Gamez

Street Music and Sport Festival Minsk Street GamezOn 7 June Minsk Arena will draw lovers of street culture and sport of all kinds and trends: skateboarding, BMX, roller-sports, streetball, workout, parkour, hip-hop, break dance… The participants of the festival will stage a bright show and show their skills in sports competitions, battles and contests. The skating rink of Minsk Arena will play host to the finals, the award ceremony, and a gala show featuring guest stars.

When: 7 June
Where: Minsk Arena

Leonid Agutin in Minsk

Leonid AgutinWinner of prestigious music awards, and mentor of the famous TV show Voice, talented singer and composer Leonid Agutin, together with the Esperanto group will present the new, his tenth, album "Mystery of the Glued Pages" released in late 2013. The new album is the mix of different music styles - flamenco, blues, country, and Latina. In addition to the latest hits Leonid Agutin will perform the songs from the previous albums.

When: 10 June
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

14th National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry Molodechno 2014

National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry MolodechnoThe famous festival invites lovers of poetry and music to attend concerts of Belarus’ well-known artists and young talented performers. According to the established tradition, the Molodechno festival will feature the songs of Belarusian composers and poets of different generations. The program will include the opening and closing galas, the concert "70 Years of Victory", a concert by the Tsitovich National Academic Folk Choir, the anniversary concert of the Belarusian State Ensemble Pesnyary dedicated to its 45th anniversary, and also meetings with Belarusian poets.

When: 13-14 June
Where: Towns of Molodechno and Chist, Minsk Oblast

17th International Festival of Folk Music "Dulcimers and Harmonica are Playing”

International Festival of Folk Music "Dulcimers and Harmonica are Playing”Folk artists from all over the country will get together in the picturesque lake district of Belarus. The visitors will get familiar with traditional Belarusian culture - folk instruments, singing and dancing, arts and crafts. The program of the festival includes a contest of bands and solo performers, the arts and crafts exhibition, concerts of folk bands, theatrical performance "Pages of Living History" and also the true "Postavy Ball".

When: 14-15 June
Where: Town of Postavy, Vitebsk Oblast  

Second Cheese Festival near Minsk

Cheese Festival near Minsk The Second Cheese Festival near Minsk will offer the abundance of cheese from the best dairy brands and cheese makers of Belarus, entertainment in Belarus’ traditional village and many surprises. The program includes a cheese gourmet contest and the Cheese Symphony music program, interviews with cheese makers, the Cheese Delicacies cooking show, and also cheese cooking classes. The highlight event is the Best Cheese tasting: guests will taste most delicious classic cheese and exclusive new products, for example, cheese with mushrooms, wine and a walnut flavor… The winners of the Cheese Olympics will receive prizes, and the guests who come to the festival in yellow clothes will participate in a merry dance “Live Cheese”. The theatrical interactive program "Traditions of Foreign Festivals" will tell visitors about the most interesting cheese ideas from around the world. The organizers are preparing a special entertainment program for children.

When: 14 June
Where: Belarusian State Vernacular Architecture and Ethnic Heritage Museum, Minsk District

Countryside tourism festival Zaborsky Fest

Countryside tourism festival Zaborsky FestThe farm tourism and ecotourism festival is a trademark of Rossony District, Vitebsk Oblast where statistics says there is one lake per 100 residents. This year guests are invited to see presentations of ecotourism farms, the City of Craftsmen fair with master classes in ancient crafts, a sampling of Belarusian cuisine dishes, an exhibition of flowers and landscape design, a major concert program featuring ethnic music and a festival dance party. True fans of ecotourism are invited to go on tours into the Krasnyi Bor reserve, captivating boat tours along the local lakes, and extreme rafting and canoeing.

When: 14-15 June
Where: The town of Rossony, Vitebsk Oblast

8th National Folklore Festival Beraginya 2014

National Folklore Festival BeraginyaOnce in two years the festival of the authentic Belarusian culture draws folk singers and musicians from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other countries to the ‘exclusive center of Europe’ – that is how the participants of the music forum call the village of Oktyabrsky. Here one can hear the entrancing melodies of Belarusian songs and the live sound of folk instruments. The festival will feature dance couple competitions, a tournament of junior folklore bands, ethnoconcerts, Kupalle Feast, an arts and crafts fair and craftsmen master classes.

When: 19 – 22 June
Where: Village of Oktyabrsky, Gomel Oblast

Opera and Ballet Festival “Bolshoi Theater Nights at the Radziwills’ Castle”

Bolshoi Theater Nights at the Radziwills’ CastleThe grand open-air festival will gather the leading actors of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus and opera and ballet lovers at one of Europe’s most beautiful palace and park ensembles – the legendary Nesvizh Residence of the Radziwill Dukes. This year’s main venues will be the Nesvizh Corpus Christi Church, City Hall, Theater Hall and the courtyard of the castle. The festival will feature concerts, soirees and long-awaited premieres:

20 June
 Love Melodies concert featuring the leading opera soloists and the string quintet Serenada
 Ballet evenings “From the 19th Century to the 21st Century”
 Carmen opera

21 June
 Concert of Stanislaw Moniuszko’s works
 Ballet evening “From the 19th Century to the 21st Century”

22 June
 Music First, Words After concert
 Bolshoi Theater gala concert

When: 20 – 22 June
Where: Nesvizh National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Minsk Oblast
More details

Music Nights at Mir Castle

Music Nights at Mir CastleA big music festival at the walls of Mir Castle – one of Belarus’ famous sights – will give the audience unforgettable moments of open-air stunning shows and meetings with artists from Belarus and abroad:

20 June
Belarus Song of the Year concert (part 1)
Vladimir Kuzmin’s solo concert 

21 June
Belarus Song of the Year (part 2)
Concert featuring Topless and Tyani-Tolkai bands

22 June
Living Rock concert
Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh concert

When: 20 – 22 June
Where: Town of Mir, Grodno Oblast

9th Arts and Crafts Expo Kamarova – Time Wheel

Arts and Crafts Expo Kamarova – Time WheelThis trade fair revives the traditions of the Belarusian craftsmanship and annually gathers the best craftsmen from across the country who present their works and share trade secrets with the beginners. The fair will feature the sale of souvenirs and master classes from talented craftsmen. Among the most popular Belarusian arts and crafts is pottery, smithcraft, woodcarving, willow and straw weaving, needlework, vytinanka.

When: 21 June
Where: Village of Komarovo, Myadel District, Minsk Oblast

Open-air concert Kupalye in Dudutki

Open-air concert Kupalye in DudutkiOn the summer solstice day the Dudutki Museum invites you to attend a big open-air concert Kupalye that will gather the best representatives of Belarusian folk music — the music bands Recha, Vuraj, Nagual and the legendary Belarusian folk music band Palats. Apart from good music in an ethnic lore environment the museum will offer a bunch of other kinds of entertainment. In days of old during summer solstice Belarusians used to gather healing herbs, tell fortunes, and seek the mysterious fern flower. On the summer solstice day Dudutki will offer you an opportunity to get familiar with ancient traditions and customs. For the entire day master classes will be available to teach you to make Kupalye wreaths, dance folk dances and play ancient Belarusian games, practice traditional crafts and make souvenirs. The author of the most beautiful Kupalye wreath can get an interesting gift from the museum.

When: 21 June
Where: Dudutki Museum, Pukhovichi District

Folk Rite Rusalye

Folk Rite RusalyeThe Belarusian folk rite Rusalye (mermaid time) that used to be performed during the mermaid week — from Trinity Sunday till next Sunday — was revived in Lyuban District, Minsk Oblast, a decade ago. At present it is performed by local residents and folklore enthusiasts. Legends say that once a year mermaids leave their waters and visit villages, roam fields and meadows. Following the rite, girls are dressed as mermaids and sing songs as they walk along village streets, dance in a ring around bonfires, which are used to burn mermaid wreaths. The remaining wreaths are thrown into the water to symbolize the departure of the mermaids. It is believed that the mythical beauties leave the world of men for a year and take all the bad things with them.

When: June
Village of Sosny, Lyuban District, Minsk Oblast
Village of Veliky Bor, Khoiniki District, Gomel Oblast

21st International Church Music Festival God Almighty

International Church Music Festival God AlmightyEvery year the famous church music festival gathers hundreds of participants from Israel, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and other countries in the Belarusian city of Mogilev. Apart from the traditional vocal and choir contest, the festival’s program includes theater performances, organ music and bell-ringing concerts. Concerts by Christian performers involving the symphony orchestra and the chamber choir of the Mogilev City Chapel will take place as part of the festival as well as book exhibitions, conferences, and art meetings.

When: 24 – 28 June
Where: Mogilev

International Song and Music Festival Dnepr Voices in Dubrovno

International Song and Music Festival Dnepr Voices in DubrovnoThe celebration of songs and music will bring together performers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia. Visitors will be invited to appreciate a dramatized historical re-enactment show, an exhibition of national cuisine clubs, see the creative lab of folk crafts masters. The festivities will culminate in a gala concert featuring all the contestants, who have been awarded the festival’s prize — Dnepr Nightingale — a statuette that symbolizes the festival.

When: 27–29 June
Where: Town of Dubrovno, Vitebsk Oblast
More details

Project “Ballet Summer in Bolshoi Theater”

Ballet Summer in Bolshoi TheaterThe Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus invites you to dive into the atmosphere of Belarusian and international opera and ballet. For a week the theater will offer classic and modern productions, premieres of the Bolshoi Theater, evenings with legendary choreographers, concerts featuring soloists and dancers of the world’s leading collectives:

29 June – Premier of the Vitaut ballet
30 July – The Swan Lake featuring international ballet stars
2 July – The Don Quixote featuring international ballet stars
4 July – Choreography night with George Balanchine
5 July – Choreography night with Jiri Kylian
7 July – Guest appearance of the Georgian Ballet featuring People’s Artist of Georgia and Russia Nina Ananiashvili: productions Mysterious Garden, Sagalobeli, Margarita and Arman
9 July – Gala concert of international ballet stars

When: 29 June – 9 July
Where: Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, Minsk
More details

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