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7 Jul 2017

Lukashenko presents concept for Belarus’ development with focus on good living standards

Lukashenko presents concept for Belarus’ development with focus on good living standards

KOPYS, 7 July (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko outlined Belarus’ development concept with a focus on improving the quality of life in towns and villages during his working trip to Vitebsk Oblast on 7 Jule, BelTA has learned.

When visiting the town of Kopys, the head of state heard out reports on the social and economic development of the town. He gave the corresponding instructions in November 2016.

Since then the engineering and transport infrastructure in the town has been improved: streets and roads upgraded; new social, retail, tourist and sport facilities set up; the existing enterprises upgraded. The president was informed that the preferences of local residents were taken into account. The work was carried out in the shortest possible time, efficiently and cost-effectively.

“I would like to reiterate: we are not doing this to show off. In fact, we want to show how we should develop such towns. There are 60 to 70 such settlements. Naturally, we need to bring them into a good condition,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

The head of state noted that there is a need to consider in detail the development of such towns, consult with local residents, but avoid any frills. “We have had one town spruced up. We will bring all governors here. Next year, two towns in each region should undergo a face-lift, like Kopys did. Then we will be able to loop the vertical which I once spoke about: Minsk, regional centers, district centers (they have all been fixed up and tided up, even in Vitebsk Oblast). Next in line are towns and villages which used to be home to integrated farms,” the president said.

With regard to the so-called ‘unpromising' villages, we will not focus our main efforts on them. But if there are people who want to spruce them up we will welcome this. Many people hail from such villages. They went to school there, and may want to get them brushed up, Alexander Lukashenko noted.

The president stressed that it is necessary to set up manufacturing facilities in such small population centers, create jobs for local residents. They must conform to the highest international standards. “We have already come more than half way in this regard. We need to finish this process,” the head of state noted.

 As an example, he cited OAO Alexandriyskoe. The large agricultural holding company has brought together several small farms. There are plans to set up an even more promising manufacturer OOO Kupalovskoye not far from it. “Right in between them lies the town of Kopys. “Why not set up a processing facility here? Maybe in the future we will merge these two into one holding company, and the main processing center will be in Kopys. These will be small shops that will process meat, milk and other products,” Alexander Lukashenko added.

The head of state reiterated the task to spruce up two towns in every oblast every year. “During the five-year term we will put everything in order. Simultaneously, we are developing agro-towns, not forgetting about villages – former centers and unpromising ones. This is the concept of the development of our country. We should avoid the whole population being concentrated in Minsk. That would be a tragedy for the country,” he said.

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