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Become a partner in a humanitarian project

15 Jan 2020

Project of the Belynichi Center of Developmental Education for Children with Special Needs

Project of the Belynichi Center of Developmental Education for Children with Special Needs

Project name: Kind World of Childhood

Applicant: State Educational Institution Belynichi Center of Developmental Education for Children with Special Needs (hereinafter Educational Institution)

Physical and legal address: 35 Sovetskaya Street, Belynichi, Mogilev Region, Belarus

The Belynichi Center of Developmental Education for Children with Special Needs has been working since 4 September 2000. It provides psychological-medical-educational care for children with special needs and carries out educational, developmental educational, diagnostic, social, methodical, advisory and information-analytical activities, coordinates special needs education activities in Belynichi District.

Head of the organization:
Inessa Usova
Phone: 8 029 1649264

Project manager: Inessa Usova, director of the center

Previous assistance from foreign sources:
Furniture and educational equipment from the Kinder von Tschernobyl eV.Solingen, Germany

Required amount: $39,500
Co-financing: $500

Project period: 2020-2021

Project goal: To create the most comfortable and safe environment for children with severe and multiple disabilities in the educational institution.

Project objectives: 

  • To overhaul the building and replace the fence in order to improve the conditions during the stay of children with disabilities in the educational institution;
  • To create a barrier-free environment in the educational institution that meets the age and individual requirements of the children with disabilities;
  • To develop physical activity in children with severe and multiple disorders;
  • To provide psychological comfort of children during outdoor activities.

Detailed description of the project's activities:

  • architectural design development;
  • overhaul of the building (acquisition of building materials, replacement of the roof of the building, installation of rain gutters, facing the walls of the building with siding);
  • replacement of the fence around the territory of the institution;
  • repair of the pavement and installation of handrails along the pavement;
  • paving of new pathways on the territory of the institution with the installation of handrails;
  • development of a sports ground (solid coating without seams and joints), installation of a basketball rack with a movable hoop;
  • development of the area for the children with disorders (solid coating without seams and joints), installation of a complex of street simulators, a playground for the children with disabilities; installation of benches on the territory of the institution; arrangement of a health
  • improvement track (the mixed covering made of concrete tiles, rubber, gravel and wood) and installation of handrails along the track;
  • landscaping of the territory of the educational institution (planting bushes, herbs, plants with aromatherapy properties)

Target group: Children with disabilities attending the educational institution, their legal representatives, teachers. 

Attendance: 50 students

Expected results:

- overhauled building and replaced fence around the site to improve the comfortable conditions for students in the educational institution;
- a barrier-free environment for the unhindered movement of children with disabilities around the educational institution;
- a rehabilitation platform for disabled children, which is equipped with sets of simulators, benches for recreation; a health-improvement track for rehabilitation sessions;
- conditions for the organization of physical and recreational work, leisure and play activities of children with disabilities, including children with cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, Down syndrome
- an aesthetic and ecological space on the premises of the institution.

The rationale behind the project:

Our country pays special attention to the accessibility of education to children with severe and multiple disabilities in accordance with their health, cognitive abilities, and to their inclusion in social interaction with healthy socialization and adaptation in society. In this regard, each special educational institution strives to improve the conditions for children during the educational process and extracurricular activities. Our educational institution is no exception. This project will help improve the conditions in the institution of education for children with disabilities:

  • insulation of the building (replacing the roof, cladding of the building) will contribute to the health of children, therefore, the number of sick leaves will be reduced and the educational process will not be interrupted;
  • improvement of the territory will allow children with disabilities to develop not only physical and motor skills but also a harmonious balance of socialization and individualization in the process of education.

Activities after the project ends:

The educational institution will conduct systematic active exercises aimed at discovering physical abilities, motor skills and creating prerequisites for their fuller disclosure. Plans are in place to arrange sports events, sports holidays, health days, competitions together with healthy peers, legal representatives: "Sports Hour," "Small Paralympic Games," "Feast of the Balloons," "Health Trail," "Neboley-ka" and others.

The landscaping of the site will decorate the territory and create an aesthetic look not only of the educational institution but also of the surrounding area of Belynichi. Aromatherapeutic properties of plants will be used in developmental work with children and will help create a more favorable environment.

Project budget: $40,000
Donor funds: $31,500
District budget: $8,000
Co-financing: $500

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