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Become a partner in a humanitarian project

17 Jan 2020

Humanitarian project of Belynichi District Social Services Center

Humanitarian project of Belynichi District Social Services Center
Project name: Together rather than side-by-side 

Applicant: Belynichi District Social Services Center

Physical and legal address:
37 Sovetskaya Street, Belynichi,
Mogilev Region, 213051, Belarus
Phone: +3752232-79 476
Ffax:  +3752232-79 478

The Belynichi District Social Services Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was created by resolution No. 18-14 of the Belynichi District Executive Committee on 21 May 2001. The center provides social assistance and support to citizens (families) in need. Lonely, low-income, homeless citizens, elderly people, people with disabilities, large families, single mothers, victims of domestic violence - these and other socially vulnerable categories of the population receive timely and qualified psychological, legal, economic, rehabilitation and other social assistance in the center.

Since 2012, the center has been cooperating with the Belarusian Red Cross Society to implement joint initiatives.

Head of the organization:
Elena Krupenkina
Phone: +3752232-79 476

Project manager:
Natalya Lazovskaya
Head of the day care unit for the disabled and elderly
Phone: +3752232-78 338

Previous assistance from foreign sources:
The center has not previously collaborated with foreign partners

Required amount $50,000 
Co-financing 10% of the requested amount

Project term: 2020-2021

Project goal:

- to assist successful socialization and integration of vulnerable social groups into society;
- to optimize the process of social adaptation of people with disabilities, to realize their creative potential, form new socially significant roles by involving them into society;
- to create favorable conditions for meeting the information and cultural needs and for organizing effective socially useful pastime.

Project objectives:

- to fit the premises designated for people with disabilities with new modern technical means (a TV, a video camera), household appliances (a multi cooker, an electric stove), game and sports equipment;
- to acquire a vehicle to transport people with disabilities;
- to overcome social isolation of people with disabilities by organizing cognitive leisure time;
- to attract public attention to integration and rehabilitation of vulnerable social groups.

Detailed description of the project activities in accordance with the tasks

The day care unit for disabled people and senior citizens of the Belynichi District Social Services Center is attended by 25 disabled people and 15 senior citizens.
This category of people often feels insecure and unwanted. Their involvement in social and cultural activities and moral support will help them overcome the feeling of uselessness.

There is a strong need in this project at the Belynichi Social Services Center. The project was preceded by a sociological survey to assess the need to develop it for a specific targeted group. The results of the survey showed that people that attend the day care unit for disabled people and senior citizens have the need for communication, mutual understanding, help, support, and recreation. The survey also identified the main areas of activity as part of the project. These are visits to festivals and concerts, excursions, efforts to equip a gym and a kitchen.

Project justification

Nowadays, we hear a lot about charity, the need to pay more attention to people, especially to those who need it more than others. These are people with limited health abilities, people of social vulnerable groups, those segments of the people who need understanding, protection and social inclusion. These people need assistance in socialization and adaptation. People with disabilities are full members of our community, and it lies in our power to help them integrate into society. Creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities as a social policy suggests providing access to education and work and also to various forms of culture, cultural and leisure activities. This activity is one of the essential resources for optimizing social activity of people with disabilities, which can stimulate the process of socialization and self-realization of people.

Project budget
TV -  $500
Video camera - $400
Multi cooker - $200
Electric stove - $200
Game and sports equipment - $700
Vehicle designed to transport people with disabilities. - $48,000 

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