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Belarus Parliamentary Elections 2012

23 Sep 2012

‘Complaints are not equal to violations’ at Belarus parliament elections

MINSK, 23 September (BelTA) – A complaint from an observer does not mean that a violation has happened, BelTA learned from political analyst Vadim Borovik as he commented on news that several observers had found violations.

The expert pointed out that, in particular, observers of the group “For fair elections” had submitted about 200 complaints to the Central Election Commission. “But they confused things. They may file 100 or 200 complaints but it doesn’t mean that violations have taken place. If I ask the police to investigate someone, it doesn’t mean the person is a criminal. Until after the relevant investigation is done, the person will remain innocent. The same is true for the election campaign”.

Commenting about “carousels” in the Belarus parliament elections, he remarked: “I think these rumors are provocations. They have nothing to do with reality… First of all, we have no absentee ballots. But we hear claims about elections and they have gained momentum. This bomb is just dropped. A man in the street, who doesn’t take an interest in the political life, will not be able to understand something this complicated. But he hears about ‘carousels’ in Russia and then here. The man in the street does not even understand what it is but he will say it is a violation. This is how this political technology works”.

Vadim Borovik stressed that violations are observed at elections in virtually every country. “But one should understand the overall percentage of violations during an election campaign. In Belarus during the presidential election campaign and the parliamentary one if there are any violations, they are, as a rule, the result of certain errors made by a member of a polling station commission or something else. There are no intended forgeries. The government is not even interested in doing it. What do they need these ‘carousels’ for?”


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