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Taxation in Belarus

Here is a short guide to taxation in Belarus – with an overview of taxes here. For an in-depth guide visit Deloitte’s Belarus business and investment guide

Corporate Tax

All businesses which are tax resident in Belarus are liable for tax on profits derived from the sale of products, goods, services and other assets, plus other incomes, at 18% (since 2012).

There are also local taxes of approximately 3%, creating an aggregate rate of profits tax of 26.3%. Foreign companies not registered for tax purposes in Belarus are subject to 12% with-holding tax.

There is no separate capital gains tax and to encourage entrepreneurs the government has created an effective tax rate for smaller businesses of 8%. Up to 5% of tax paid on profits can also be reduced by off-setting capital investment.

Belarus also has double taxation agreements with over 60 countries including the UK, USA, all CIS States and most EU members.

See Free Economic Zones for specific tax incentives

Customs Tax

Excise duty is also levied monthly on a range of goods manufactured in Belarus or imported into the country. This mainly includes alcohol derived goods, tobacco, engine oil, petrol, diesel fuel, and vehicles.

There is a widespread import substitution programme in a bid to develop home-grown businesses and reduce Belarus’ reliance on imports. Firms producing items on the substitution list are entitled to the same tax breaks as exporters.

Goods manufactured for export are exempt from excise tax, however duty is applied to timber, oil, minerals, and food stuffs exported from Belarus to countries other than Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (the Eurasian Economic Community).

The Customs Code of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan came into force on 1 July 2010. It regulates customs procedures of customs warehouses and free customs zones in line with separate international agreements.

Personal Tax

Belarus has a flat rate of 12% for its tax residents and for the Belarusian income of non-residents. There is no capital gains tax, stamp duty and inheritance tax for individuals.

To encourage Belarus’ IT sector and boost its value-added business population, the government has made the rate lower (9%) for employees of businesses in the High Technologies Park. Dividends and other business income received by foreign investors are taxed at 12%.

VAT is payable on most goods in Belarus at 20%.

Belarus Tax Overview

Profit tax


Profit tax in FEZ

None for first five years then 12%

Income tax

Flat rate of 12%

Income tax for HTP employees


Profir tax, VAT, real estate tax and land tax in HTP

Three years exemption





Capital gains tax


Small towns/countryside incentives for businesses setting up in towns of less than in 50,000 people

Seven years tax exemption on profit derived from sale of own-produced goods,  five years real estate tax and local taxes exemption

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