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Belarus Investment Guide - an introduction

Welcome to Belarus, a country of great opportunity.

We hope this ‘invest’ website provides a useful introduction to Belarus and illustrates why so many people are recommending it as an ideal investment opportunity.

The benefits and advantages are manifold.

Our nation of approximately 10 million people lies in the heart of Europe, linking the European Union to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

We have a proud scientific and engineering heritage, an internationally-regarded universal education system, and a workforce admired around the world for its skills and innovation.

A dynamic market economy is emerging in Belarus, and we are determined it will continue to grow at the same high rates we enjoyed in the first decade of the 21st century.

This commitment to business was recognised by the World Bank when it named Belarus the fourth best business reformer in its Doing Business Report 2010. And we are determined to build on this achievement by joining the top 30 countries as a place to do business within five years.

The reforms already implemented, including low taxes and the abolition of the golden share, are part of our strategy to generate a world class investment climate  and help businesses take advantage of the wealth of opportunities available.

A vital part of the next phase of our development is the wide-reaching privatisation programme of many of our state-owned companies, and the nurturing of a strong entrepreneurial spirit in Belarus.

Attracting international capital is essential to both of these aims, and we have created a special legal and tax framework for foreign investment, including six Free Economic Zones offering many incentives for investors.

There are opportunities across our economy, especially in energy, construction, retail, tourism and finance, while our successful IT sector, built on the back of our High Technology Park, is already challenging the Far East.

Investors can be reassured that their investments are underwritten by our national Investment Code which regulates and protects their rights, as well as a full range of international trade and taxation treaties.

We will not rest on our laurels though.

We are vigorously pursuing greater integration into the global economy beyond the CIS, with strong business ties with more than 150 countries as well as becoming a member of the European Union’s Eastern European Partnership programme.

Belarus has already welcomed many international businesses and entrepreneurs to the republic. If you are keen to take advantage of one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets then we want to help you.

We look forward to you joining us.

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