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31 Aug 2018

Lukashenko approves appointment of new heads of local authorities, enterprises

MINSK, 31 August (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has approved the appointment of new heads of local authorities and enterprises, BelTA has learned.

Yelena Aleksina who previously worked as the chairperson of the Buda-Koshelevo District Council of Deputies was appointed the chairperson of the Gomel District Executive Committee.

Yuri Gorlov who previously worked as the chairman of the Stolbtsy District Executive Committee will head the Molodechno District Executive Committee.

Alexander Lukashenko approved the appointment of Denis Kolesen as the chairman of the Stolbtsy District Executive Committee. He previously worked as the deputy chairman, head of the agriculture and food department at this district executive committee.

The head of state also approved the appointment of Dmitry Martinovich as the chairman of the Bykhov District Executive Committee. He previously worked as the first deputy chairman, head of the agriculture and food department at the Klimovichi District Executive Committee.

Leonid Zemchuk who previously worked as the first deputy director general of Agromashservice in Mogilev will head the Klimovichi District Executive Committee.

Alexander Rogozhnik has been appointed the director general of the Minsk Motor Plant. Irina Zarembovskaya will work as the director of Brest Electric Lamp Plant.

The head of state asked Yelena Aleksina if she knows Gomel District well. He added that it is a very important district not only for the economy of the oblast but also for the country in general. “Why do I ask these questions? These regions, I mean Gomel Oblast, Mogilev Oblast and others, will act as a driving force as we are resolving the issues that we have accumulated, first of all in agriculture. Such regions also play an important role in the industrial sector. Therefore, you need to be ready for serious work,” the president said.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that there are few women in Belarus who are in charge of districts today. “This is not because I do not trust women (I trust them more than I trust men), but I feel sorry when a woman has to carry such a burden on her shoulders,” the Belarusian leader said. “I would like you to be ready for it, as the requirements for results are the same for everyone,” he added.

The president also spoke about the complicated situation in Molodechno District that will be headed by Yuri Gorlov. “There is progress there, but I am not absolutely happy with the current development of Molodechno District,” Alexander Lukashenko said. “Molodechno is a very important city for us, and I advise you to take a closer look at the changes that are taking place in Orsha, Borisov and other cities, and exchange experience. The primary activity is material production. Molodechno has been brought to order, more or less, and we need to move further in the social sector and urban infrastructure.

“Leave no enterprise behind. They all need to be under your control. It does not matter if it is a republican or municipal property. They are your enterprises. You are responsible for them,” the president said. He also called on the local authorities to cooperate actively with the national authorities, the government in matters of ‘bringing enterprises back to their senses’,” he said

Alexander Lukashenko drew parallel with the work that is being done to promote the development of Orsha District. “There we have started a revolution, figuratively speaking. Appropriate action will have to be implemented at individual enterprises and social services sector in Molodechno. For me this is a very important city and district,” the Belarusian leader added.

Orsha District is one of the major regional production centers that need the support and additional impetus to development. “Why are we taking care of it? Not because I was born there. It is not the case. Belarus is my homeland. In fact Orsha District is a distressed distinct although it has a huge industrial base. It was impossible not to pay attention,” the head of state noted.

Orsha District is a pilot project. “The ones to follow are Borisov, Molodechno, Baranovichi, Lida, Pinsk and other similar cities. Even Mozyr, Soligorsk, though they have been growing pretty nicely. Still we pay serious attention to them. These are the points of our growth,” he stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko touched upon the situation in Bykhov District: “Bykhov District made no impression on me. I flew over it when we were going to Gomel. Please think over how we will develop this district, what we will do there,” he said.

The president sees good prospects for development of Klimovichi District which will be led by Leonid Zasemchuk. “It is a nice district, a bread-growing one. But it still needs some impetus. You have experience for this,” the head of state added.

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