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Belarus Events Calendar


MAY 2024

New program in the Belarusian State Circus

The Belarusian State Circus presents an enchanting water show Magic of Fountains which will embody the most daring projects - colorful fountains with a laser installation, giant jets of dancing water, rain and waterfalls under the dome of the circus! The program will feature tightrope walkers, aerialists on belts, a gymnast with hula hoops on a mirror ball, a juggler, and a clown. Fur seals, parrots, trained bears, monkeys will be features as well...

When: 3 February - 12 May 
Where: Belarusian State Circus, 32 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Kinovek: Festival to Mark 100th Anniversary of Belarusian Cinematography

Belarus will celebrate the anniversary of the national cinematography with the national festival Kinovek, which will be held across the country. Throughout the year the festival will present 33 best films from the Belarusfilm studio, which tell the story of the national cinematography development. The festival will feature films of different genres - historical and social films, war and adventure films, and also famous children's films The Adventures of Pinocchio, My Name is Harlequino, War Under the Roofs, Nesterka. The festival opened with a screening of the restored silent film Forest Story (1926) directed by Yuri Tarich and based on Mikhas Charot’s The Swineherd.

When: 28 February – 11 December
Where: Cinema houses of Minsk, oblast and regional centers of Belarus

‘Worth Its Weight in Gold’ exhibition at the Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery

The exhibition called as "Worth Its Weight in Gold" invites you to trace the history of sovereign Belarus through commemorative coins: valuable samples produced since 1996 in gold, silver and copper-nickel alloy. The exposition displays the commemorative coins of Belarus’ National Bank celebrating the country’s history and culture, sport, environmental protection and Belarus in the world community. Here you can see a variety of shapes (round, rectangular and oval coins), themes, execution technologies, including holography, oxidation, inserts of precious and non-precious stones, color digital printing. Traditional tools for coin cutting are also on view.

When: April 17 – July 7
Where: Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery, 15 Svobody Square, Minsk

Nationwide film campaign to mark 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders, the best Belarusian and Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War made in different years will be shown in cinema houses across the country. The playbill of the commemorative campaign includes Belarusian feature films, 16 documentaries, the best Soviet films by Mosfilm and other film studios. It is expected that the patriotic campaign will hold more than 2,800 film screenings both in cinema houses and other cultural institutions.

When: February 24 to September 2024
Where: cinema houses of Minsk, regional and district centers of Belarus

Premiere of The Time to Return drama in Minsk

The premiere of the war historical drama "Time to Return" directed by Ivan Pavlov is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders. The film is based on the real events and narrates a story about the unique operation by the Belarusian partisans, who found their way to the enemy's rear through an impassable swamp. Thanks to the partisan reconnaissance, a plank road was built in the swamp, which gave an important tactical advantage to the Soviet troops during Operation Bagration. According to the director, the decision to make the film was made a long time ago, and work began on 23 June 2023.  Filming took place in Belarus, including in the town of Smolevichi and the Berezinsky Nature Reserve. It is noteworthy that the film depicts the generalized characters and also the characters that are based on real-life prototypes, for example, a German doctor who went over to the side of the partisans.

When: 2 May 18.00
Where: Cinema House, 18 Tolbukhina Street, Minsk

Masterpieces of World Rock concert in Minsk

Connoisseurs of rock music will be able to enjoy their favorite pieces performed by the symphony orchestra. The concert on 4 May will feature 70 artists, including musicians, vocalists, and choir artists. A spectacular light show and a live broadcast on a large LED screen will add to the atmosphere. The program includes famous pieces by such world-famous performers and bands as Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Queen, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Bon Jovi, Metallica...

When: 4 May
Where: concert hall 'Minsk', 5 Oktyabrskaya Street, Minsk

Yurye rite in Dyatlovo District

Yurye is one of the most famous spring rituals in Belarus. This folk rite is named after St. Yuri, the patron saint of peasant fields and domestic animals. From time immemorial this holiday has been celebrated like the Second Easter. Participants in the ritual walk through the village, stop at crosses, and sing songs asking St. Yuri for protection, a good harvest, favorable weather, strong health, happiness and prosperity. This ritual is observed in various regions of Belarus. However, the village of Okhonovo, Dyatlovo District, performs it a bit differently. Newlyweds who got married during the year make a traditional round during the ceremony.

When: 5 May
Where: Dyatlovo District Center of Culture and Folk Art, Okhonovo village, Dyatlovo District, Grodno Oblast

9 May – Victory Day

The country’s main holiday of May is celebrated with numerous events – flower ceremonies at monuments and memorials to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, meetings with war veterans, concerts, military hardware exhibitions. Traditionally the 9 May celebrations will be wrapped up with spectacular fireworks in the evening at six locations in the Belarusian capital:

  • Yanka Kupala Park (Tsentralny District);
  • Pavlov Park (Moskovsky District);
  • Hugo Chavez Park (Frunzensky District);
  • on the embankment of the Drozdy reservoir (Tsentralny District);
  • Near Chizhovka Arena (Zavodskoi District);
  • Near the National Library (Pervomaisky District).

Where: all cities of Belarus, memorial complexes, museums

Ruslan Alekhno and the Belarusian Armed Forces Academic Song and Dance Ensemble

In the run-up to the celebration of the Great Victory and the 80th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders, Honored Artist of Belarus Ruslan Alekhno will give a concert on stage of the Palace of the Republic. He will be accompanied by the honored team of the Belarusian Armed Forces Academic Song and Dance Ensemble under the baton of Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Naumovich. The concert program called Legacy will feature war songs that celebrate the spirit and heroism of our ancestors like Katyusha, Dark Night, the legendary Victory Day and other pieces that will definitely touch the heart and soul of the audience.

When: 10 May
Where: Palace of the Republic, 1 Oktyabrskaya Square, Minsk

Secret of Two Chests quest in Mir Castle

One of Belarus’ most visited tourist attractions, Mir Castle, invites you to explore the fascinating history of its owners, the Radziwill family, and unravel the secrets of the famous clan. In line with a legend, Prince Mikhail Svyatopolk-Mirsky stumbles across an ancient chest in one of the basements during renovations. A note found nearby suggests that this treasure was hidden by Prince Karol Stanislaw Radziwill during the war with the Swedes. No matter how hard he tries, Prince Mikhail fails to open the chest, so he asks for help... In addition, participants of the quest will be able to hone their culinary skills in preparing dinner for the prince, hear a sad story of the Great Northern War, and learn about the exciting hobbies of Princess Marie Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst.

When: 11 and 25 May
Where: Mir Castle, 2 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, Mir, Grodno Oblast

Joy family festival in Minsk

This year Orthodox believers celebrate Easter, one of the principal holidays of Christianity, on 5 May. According to the tradition, celebrations in honor of the Resurrection of Christ will continue for another 40 days. During these days the spiritual and educational center Ark will host the Joy family festival. The ten-day event will feature concerts, meetings, movie screenings, puppet shows for children, and a variety of workshops for everyone.

When: 16-26 May
Where: spiritual and educational center Ark, 164 Dolginovsky Highway, Minsk

May Ball in Nemtsevich Estate Museum

The Nemtsevich Estate has become an annual host of balls since its restoration. Among the events held at the estate are Christmas or New Year's Eve Ball, May Ball on the Night of Museums and Autumn Ball to celebrate the anniversary of the famous estate (in October). The festival program includes five dance sections: the first three are group dances, the fourth and fifth parts are pair dances. In between are concert acts and entertainment: party games, contests, strolls and horseback rides. The events are accompanied by live classical music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A professional ballet master tells the story of each dance and teaches visitors to dance.

When: 18 May
Where: Nemtsevich Estate Museum, village of Skoki, Brest District

Zhirovichi Feast

The festival of spiritual and patriotic music and songs celebrate the miraculous Zhirovichi icon of the Mother of God, the patroness of Belarus. The Holy Dormition Stavropegic Monastery in Zhirovichi will hold a traditional divine service and a procession. The festival featuring choirs, music bands and singer from all over Belarus will kick off in the afternoon. Visitors will be offered to take part in arts and crafts workshops, attend exhibitions of folk art and products of monastery farms, take a dip in the font and drink healing water from the holy spring. The event will also feature interactive areas for children.

When: 20 May
Where: agrotown of Zhirovichi, Slonim District, Grodno Oblast

Myadovy Falvarak honey festival in Lelchitsy District

The Myadovy Falvarak honey festival, timed to mark World Bee Day, will bring together honey lovers in the agro-town of Simonichi, Lelchitsy District. It is the country’s only region that has preserved the unique folk craft - tree beekeeping - an ancient art of honey hunting based on keeping bees in artificially-made caverns placed high in the trees. The tradition is more than five (!) centuries old. Visitors will be invited to attend a trade show of beekeeping products (bee-bread, propolis, wax), see a presentation by artisans, taste honey and homemade baked goods, and try their hands in making bee caverns and installing them on trees.

When: 21 May
Where: agrotown of Simonichi, Lelchitsy District, Gomel Oblast

Night of the Ad Eaters 2024 in Minsk

The Night of the Ad Eaters is an exciting demonstration of the best commercials, skillfully selected according to their dramaturgical value and shown on the big screen until dawn. The program is traditionally divided into several segments. Each segment is built around a unifying idea seen through the attentive eye of Jean Marie Boursicot, a connoisseur of world advertising. Thanks to his efforts, advertising is presented as an independent form of creative content. A form full of ideas, insights and artistic masterpieces. A new statement, behind which there are dozens of authors and a master, who skillfully lays out this unique mosaic. The landmark cultural event is designed to become a source of good mood and professional inspiration.

When: 24 May
Where: Palace of the Republic, 1 Oktyabrskaya Square, Minsk

The gentry festival Pearl Star – Palace of the Umyastovskys

The Zhemyslavl land is famous for its beauty and the famous noble family of Umyastovskys, who created a palace and park residence in this region more than 140 years ago. It was a prototype of the ensemble in Warsaw. Guests of the festival will get to know the history of the famous manor on a picturesque river bank, take part in a festive theatrical procession, and walk through the ancient park. The program includes a literary and theatrical play, concert programs by amateur art groups, master classes in dancing, traditional crafts, exhibitions and sales of folk art and souvenirs.

When: 25 May
Where: The agrotown of Zhemyslavl, Ivye District, Grodno Oblast

The 22nd international children’s art festival Golden Bee

The international children's art festival Golden Bee in Klimovichi will bring together hundreds of talents from different regions of Belarus as well as from CIS and non-CIS states. Within the framework of the forum, which traditionally takes place on World Children’s Day, young talents will compete for awards in singing, choreography, graphic arts, and arts and crafts. The festival will cover the whole town: guests will participate in mini performances, look at colorful farmsteads, learn traditional crafts of Belarusians and taste national cuisine dishes.

When: 30 May – 2 June
Where: Klimovichi, Mogilev Oblast

Great Patriotic War monuments in Belarus